Headlight Restoration in Albuquerque is necessary

Road grime and rock, chemicals, dust and sand all contribute to foggy lenses and minute scratches on your headlights. Foggy lenses cut down on the distance your headlights project, and how well you can see. Both are dangerous. Our trained technicians can restore and polish your headlights, saving replacement costs and improving visibility. We resurface your lenses and apply an advanced glazing system to help prevent oxidation and damage in the future, while restoring your headlights to like new.

Albuquerque headlight restoration requires experience

If you have replaced a headlight on a newer vehicle, you know how easy it is to damage the tabs or acrylic/plastic face. They are also extremely expensive to replace. Trust your restoration to an experienced technician to make sure your lenses are clear, sealed, and undamaged when complete.

Doing classic car restoration in Albuquerque?

Most classic cars and trucks have old style plastic or glass headlights or lenses, some of which are very difficult to find replacements to fit. Call us or fill out the contact form and let us know your vehicle and material, and we will let you know if we have the correct compounds to restore your lenses. Or, go to our Detail Pricing page for a custom quote.

Safety is our #1 responsibility to our customers, and a beautiful clean car along with it. Contact Car Detailing Albuquerque for your headlight restoration needs.