Car Hand Wash Albuquerque Plus Waxing

A thorough hand wash with quality hand applied wax helps keep your car’s finish healthy in our dramatic Albuquerque weather and road conditions. Wax keeps your color intact and protects your entire vehicle’s exterior giving you a showy shine you can be proud to sport.

Just like our hand wash service, we hand apply special auto finish soap in a high lather over your entire car. Wheels are cleaned with material appropriate agents, windows inside and out as well. Carpet and seats are treated and cleaned. Floors are vacuumed and stubborn dust air hosed out. Dash, console, door panels, and rear deck are scrubbed with quality leather, wood, or vinyl products that clean and protect. After a thorough rinse and hand dry with chamois, we hand apply high quality wax and polish by hand to insure a deep, safe polished surface on your investment. Last, we wet shine your tires, use odor remover inside, and cover your floor with a mat.

Before and after paint correction begins with a good quality wax

High quality wax designed for auto finishes is a great start to restoring your car’s paint. Should you need further help, contact us for before and after paint correction. Call, fill out the contact form, or go to our Detail Pricing page to get a quote for more in-depth finish issues that may require skilled detailing handwork to correct.

A great reflection off your car is a great reflection of your care, and we can make it happen at Car Detailing Albuquerque.

Mobile Car Wash Albuquerque

Our high quality detailed hand wash will spoil you, and save you time and mess. Let our trained technicians lovingly hand wash your ride while extending the life of your finish. You’ll be back – we promise.