The premier company for exterior detail Albuquerque

Making your car or truck appear showroom new with a full detailing not only makes it look amazing, it is very healthy for your vehicle’s finish over the long run. Continual exposure to sun, dust, road chemicals, and winter weather make your finish get dull and dingy. Our full detailing service repairs the surface, taking out minute scratches, swirls, and stains to make it head turning gorgeous.

We start with a full service hand wash of your vehicle, using professional products made specifically for auto finishes and wheels. Once done, professional auto paint clay bar is applied to get the contamination and old material off the finish of your car or truck.  Once clean and smooth, we remove any dirt or debris then apply a mildly abrasive compound or glaze that removes small scratches and dead finish, bringing the true color to the surface and providing a glass finish. Next, exterior trim is dressed. We then apply a paint sealer to add longevity to your detail job. Last but important, a high quality auto wax is applied, followed by a fine hand polish, checking detail areas as we go.

Need Swirl Marks Off a Dark Finish? No problem

Car Detailing Albuquerque technicians are highly trained in how to get swirls and patterns off your finish, something detailers with less experience tend to leave on dark or black finishes. Whether a dark finish, metallic, or any other, we can do before and after paint restoration for you, making those marks vanish.

Call us or fill out the contact form to set up an appointment for your exterior detail, or go to our Detail Pricing page for a custom quote. You will love the quality of our work and how your ride will shine afterwards.