Car Detailing Albuquerque is the best vehicle detailer in Albuquerque. Check this auto detailing prices list for specific information on interior, exterior, full service, and boat detailing, as well as headlight restoration. We also do mobile detailing, so check out that page. You will be glad you did.

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Hand Car Wash

​Our thorough but gentle hand washes start at $XXXXX

  • Hand wash & chamois dry exterior of vehicle
  • Interior vacuum
  • Air blow interior to remove dust
  • Windows inside & out
  • Clean dash, console & doors
  • Wipe wheels
  • Apply tire shine
  • Odor removing air freshener

Wash & Wax

Protect your investment with a hand wash and wax starting at $XXXX​

§ Everything included in our hand car wash, plus
§ Hand applied high quality automotive wax
§ Hand polish and buff

Exterior Detailing

Quality exterior restorative detailing starting at $XXXX​

Exterior detailing helps remove dirt, debris, oxidation, swirls, and fine scratches in your clear coat, leaving the paint surface smooth, shiny, and renewed.

§ Everything included in our full service hand wash, plus
§ Automotive clay bar preparation and treatment to remove oxidation
§ Compounding to buff out minor scratches
§ Initial clean & polish to prepare surface
§ Hand application of high grade automotive wax
§ Hand polish & buff to protect paint and bring out shine
§ Paint sealant to add durability to detailing
§ Dress exterior trim to clean and enhance

Boat Detailing

Protect your weekend safety valve with expert cleaning, waxing, and detailing starting at $XXXX
Please call for a quote or fill out our contact form with length, beam, and type of boat, as well as composition, so we may provide an accurate quote for washing and detailing. If you are in need of additional services such as deck waxing, please advise so we can have the appropriate materials on hand for your vessel.

  • Exterior wash of vessel/watercraft and trailer
  • Vacuum interior
  • Clean windows inside and out
  • Dust interior
  • Exterior marine Teflon® wax hand applied & buffed
  • Steam clean carpet/upholstery after spot cleaning
  • Clean seats and cushions
  • Clean walls and instrument panel
  • Wipe down bridge
  • Clean all decking/floors
  • Clean kitchen and exterior sinks, wet and dry wells
  • Clean head

Doing classic car restoration in Albuquerque?

Thorough interior detailing to refresh your vehicle interior starting at $XXXX

Interior detailing can remove up to 99% of pet and human hair and dander from your vehicle – as well as the French fries under your seats.

§ Everything included in our full service hand wash, plus
§ Treat spots on carpet and upholstery
§ Clean and vacuum carpets, upholstery, crevices, under seats
§ Dry shampoo carpets and upholstery as needed
§ Steam clean carpets, floor mats, seats, and door panels
§ Scrub and dress dash, console, and door panels
§ Gently clean air vents and speaker facings
§ Air hose interior to remove any lingering debris and dust
§ Dress all upholstery

Signature Full Service Detailing

Our top of the line Signature Full Service Detailing starts at $XXX

When you want your vehicle to sparkle, our Signature Full Service Detailing leaves no surface untouched. We will even clean the engine. A perfect package for preparing your vehicle for sale, trade, or turn in from lease, or just “because”.

§ Everything included in our full service interior detailing package, plus
​§ Everything included in our full service exterior detailing package, plus
§ Engine cleaning, taking care to protect wiring

Headlight Restoration

Gentle cleaning and resurfacing of your headlights for improved safety starting at $XXXX

Acrylic, polymer, and other synthetic material headlights are gently cleaned, treated, buffed, and sealed to restore clarity and shine for improved visibility. Please contact us regarding classic car headlight restoration involving glass lamps or specialty parts.

We also offer Mobile Detailing Packages  
(Please click here to learn about us coming to you)

Don’t see what you need in our auto detailing prices list? We do everything from engine cleaning to sanitizing and steam cleaning car carpet accidents. Call us or fill out our contact form with some information. We will let you know how we can help.